Shirokiya Japan Village Walk

Client: Shirokiya Japan Village Walk
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Date Completed: June 2016

Square Footage: 43,665 SF

PROJECT SUMMARY: Shirokiya Japan Village Walk was developed as a theme park village resembling the narrow food alleys of Japan and exhibiting a variety of food kiosks, retail, and a performance area. People can gather and sit under the cherry blossom covered trellises surrounding the kiosks.

One main features is the Shirokiya Guardian Spirits Sanctuary showcasing a line of guardian spirits for each zodiac sign. These guardian spirits can be found at shrines and temples throughout Japan.

The woods and dark toned finishes were selected to resemble the traditional shops and villages of Japan. Traditional materials used then were primarily wood and other natural materials such as paper, bamboo, and clay. Colors were selected to represent nature and the environment. The roof style and material represent kawara roof with its broad eyes & sloped angle.

Wooden tables and stools remain in its traditional form as a reminder of the old ramen shops of Kyoto.

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